22 November 2014


As Nate continues to grow from a young bud in the architecture profession, it is a constant struggle to decide what is “good design”. This detail is the essence of his livelihood in this profession. Bad design has the inherent problem of low client yield. Low client yield creates hunger pains.

At a recent presentation by the grandson of Charles and Ray Eames, an idea was put forth that is so simple, yet so beautiful. Good design keeps the guest-host relationship at its core. Indirectly, this principle is extremely biblical. Love God, and love others. Hosting is an act of service that communicates and gifts love. Creating space, architectures, and products with inviting interface is the measure of success.

IMG_20141121_210328_216On a very elementary level would someone want to be in the space? Would they feel comfortable? Would they be engaged on a multi-sensory level? The founder of Local First AZ said that the greatest measure of satisfaction of a city is not the great weather or the convenience of big box stores. It is, in fact, the feeling of connection to the place on a personal level. Are the qualities of a place unique, inviting, and interesting? Does one have a sense of purpose and belonging while they are there?


The homes, businesses, and infrastructure of successful cities, whether they know it or not, have nailed the guest-host relationship. The guest-host relationship is a very selfless, human centered approach. Space that nails the guest-host relationship is the backyard at the OHSO brewery in Arcadia. With places for bikes and treats for man’s best friend, a night is well spent in this fun, inviting, energetic, and personal space. The challenge for Nate will be to go beyond the pen and paper and engage in his own creations the same way he would engage in all the spaces he so thoroughly enjoys.

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