28 November 2014

The Houses of Portland (Street, Phoenix, AZ)


Phoenix 058

The journey continues for Nate as he explores the neighborhood he now calls home. Multiple seven mile journeys of city driving through unnecessary traffic to anti-climatic big box stores leads him to question why he makes such trips. The gasoline challenge suffers as a result of these zero-value added expeditions.

As the world bustles about this Black Friday for half priced toasters and TVs that were not nearly as good of deal as the TVs on sale last Tuesday, unbeknownst the masses, Nate begins his photographic essay of his neighborhood to more intimately discover what lies within in an effort to mitigate the aforementioned problem.

Nate hasn’t yet located an outlet for space heaters and a bottle of wine within walking distance for good reason. He only made it to the block behind his house, one of the most beautiful streets in Phoenix. Captivated by the seamless blend of modern and 1920s craftsman architecture, he invites all who are able to enjoy respite from the chaos of the city on the urban oasis that is Portland Street.




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