23 January 2015

Digging Deeper

016The journey continues as Nate navigates Phoenix’s Central Corridor. A run through the neighborhood takes him to a small and endearing historic district that he driven past, unknowingly, a multitude of times. Just northeast of Central Avenue and McDowell lies a two block by two block neighborhood known as Alvarado. Just to the east lies, shockingly, East Alvarado. Even further to the east, Los Olivos. All three are similar in size and possess what Nate would have initially referred to as an “out of Phoenix” quality.

However, it is not an “out of Phoenix” experience. This is Phoenix. Perhaps making a one in their own evaluation, sweeping generalizations do large disservice to the spirit of adventure. As Nate breaks down this barrier and digs deeper, it spurs excitement and resets the paradigm to “expect the unexpected”.

While living Tucson, it was commonly stated by Nate himself, that the lack of unique small businesses and character was one of the downfalls of Phoenix. That could not be further from the truth. He has learned that once the scale is shifted, the beauty and variety in the details, side streets, textures, and colors, not only in Phoenix, but of any place, becomes evident.


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