29 December 2014

Cave Creek Escape

While Nate has been hard fast on uncovering the beauty in the micro scale of Roosevelt Row, a week full of holiday gatherings prompted introvert Nate to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of Phoenix proper. In the great words of Tom Hatherford, a “treat yo-self” day was in order. “Treat yo-self “days are prime ways for one to learn about one’s self because yo-self is in charge calling the shots. 062

Having spent nearly every holiday day in north Phoenix, Nate was reminded how close Phoenix is to some great getaways that right in his own backyard. After sleeping through a majority of the Fiesta Bowl Parade, Nate made his way north, stopping first at the often overlooked North Mountain Brewery in the heart of Sunnyslope.  Along the lines of Tucson’s Sentinel Peak and Barrio Breweries, North Mountain is definitely worth a stop. With in-house brewing and a warm, cozy vibe, this is a step in the right direction away from “going out”.

From there, Nate headed up Cave Creek road to the town of Cave Creek. Not thirty minutes later, he was out of town and moderately back in time. Since Cave Creek is an old western town filled with modern cafes and with chotskis galore, anachronisms are bound to abound. History and tourism wash, but the true beauty of Cave Creek lies in the landscape. As the sun set, amplifying the texture and color of nature, Nate’s love of photography was rekindled.

As Nate sat in Local Jonny’s reading a Dwell magazine, he learned that coffee shops without wi-fi will not self destruct.

Nate even rode his bike around Cave Creek, inspiring him to “treat his-self” to a long overdue bike rack to continue his biking expeditions. If only he hadn’t busted a spoke on the trail, the adventures would already be underway. Perhaps the next adventure will be a lesson in intermediate bicycle mechanics.

The beauty of this whole experience is discovering that the beauty of Phoenix lies at many scales. The vast landscape of the desert surrounding Cave Creek takes ones breath away. The heart and soul poured into the communities of Sunnyslope and Cave Creek by local artisans and craftsmen inspires. The connection of the serene desert of Cave Creek to the energetic urbanism of  Phoenix, yielding the ability to enjoy the best of both worlds indicates that perhaps the historical placement of Phoenix isn’t as arbitrary as some suspect. Beauty surrounds, and someone early on recognized, organized, and has likely since capitalized.

Coming full circle to Gasoline, Nate is already reaping the benefits of having the time, space, and finances for spontaneous adventures. There was no large, messy house to come home to. No bills were left unpaid. The plan is functioning as designed, with days like this serving as a testimony.

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