24 September 2015

Tonight on Uber: Vince

scionA couple has me take them to the Del Taco drive thru. The female Del Taco worker remarks, several times, to the female passenger that she looks familiar. The passenger is seemingly in denial.

Then the worker goes in back for a minute and the passenger says, "She might recognize me from YouTube".

Suddenly thinking I might have someone famous in my car, I ask, "What is the name of your channel?".

*Insert sarcastic comment by boyfriend implying that she thinks she is so popular people would actually recognize her from the INTERNET.*

She responds, "Erica, but it is spelled Airruhkkah. That persona started on MySpace and kind of stuck."

Couple proceeds to lament about the high cost of the vegetarian burritos compared to the meat options, but that they better get used to it if they are "really doing this vegetarian thing".

They ordered 3 burritos and 2 churros for a grand total of $7.04


1 comment:

  1. I'm just stunned that someone Ubers to a fast-food drive-thru!