10 November 2014


A once young, still inherently reserved aspiring architect, we will call him Nate, recently moved back to Phoenix on a leap of faith. Life was comfortable for Nate after nine years in Tucson. He had great friends, fantastic church, and an all around good network and support system.

Meanwhile, an increasingly large dark cloud loomed over Nate as it does Tucson in general. His job was causing a slow death and getting further from the end goal as each day passed. Purposelessness and insecurity abounded. Change was on the horizon. God kept prompting him to move forward and trust that in order to get something great, you have to give up something good.

This crossroads was exhilarating and terrifying simultaneously, often resulting in a wash of indecision and resistance. God opened the door for both work and housing effortlessly, affirming it was time to go. However, the biggest dilemma is yet to come. Nate battles with feelings of isolation quite easily. The aforementioned purposelessness and insecurity have a subtle way of becoming the modus operandi. Therefore, it is of great importance for Nate to engage immediately, build relationships, and change the course of history.

The cost of not engaging – depression, confusion, anger, regret, and an otherwise boring and miserable existence. The opportunity - a fun, fruitful, deeply connected life that demonstrates God's character and good will for our lives to others.

Where does Nate start in a city of millions that has completely transformed in his nine year Phoenician hiatus? Where does one meet people, maybe even a wife, in a city known for transience, anonymity, and freeways full of empty carpool lanes?

Guided by the locals and God alone, this blog will be a chronology of his adventures to uncover, edify, and inspire both himself and the foreign territory of Phoenix he calls home once again. Will Nate become a true localist and thrive in the heat stricken megalopolis, or get lost in the shuffle and look back wondering why he has no story to tell?

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